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The Competition was initiated in 2011 to encourage participation in miniature horse performance classes. 

In 2016 it has been reinvented as an Association of Independent Miniature Horse Clubs of New Zealand Inc Affiliated Club competition where clubs nominate teams to compete for overall prizes. 

Affiliated Clubs nominate one show each which is their Wychwood Cup points accumulator show.

Teams of a minimum of three and a maximum of nine horses represent each Club at each Wychwood Cup show.  Points are collected from these competitors and are added up at the end of the season to see which team has performed the best in Harness (inc Long Reining), Jumping and Trail.  The team with the most points overall also wins the Wychwood Cup

A Team competition is something a bit different in the miniature horse world and it is hoped that this concept will foster sportsmanship, team spirit and camaraderie mixed up with some good healthy competition.

The Competition is sponsored by Hollywood Miniature Horses and Jackie Krzyzewski