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1.  Horses must be at least three years old to be eligible. This is taken as the actual birth date and not 1st August

2. A horse may only compete for one affiliated club during the show season, unless there are extenuating circumstances, such as the horse is sold during the year to a new owner who belongs to another club

3. Handlers must be a member of the affiliated club they are representing at the time of the show

4. Handlers may only compete for one affiliated club during a show season unless there are extenuating circumstances, such as they have moved during the show season to live in a different area and their closest club is different to the one that they previously represented


5. Changes as above (points 2-4) must be notified to the Wychwood Cup Co-ordinator by making a note on the show Entry Form


6. Handlers must be over 9 years old. Any local or national show rules regarding eligibility of handlers applies

7. Points are collected from one AIMHCNZ Inc affiliated club show run by each affiliated club (affiliated club to nominate which show, if any) and AIMHCNZ Inc national shows. This is so that a club running one show in the year is not disadvantaged by another club running more

8. The dates and details for shows running the team competition will be advertised on the AIMHCNZ Inc website

9. Harness horses can enter the harness section or the long reining section but not both

10. Trophies are perpetual and must be returned on request to be reallocated

11. All local show rules apply

12. Horses can be registered or unregistered

13. Horses compete in their height category and with the exception of fault and out jumping classes, in either novice or open

14. Eligible classes:-
Category A, B and C for the following:-
(a) Trail – novice and open and combined if not split
(b) Jumping – Hunter – novice and open, Jumper – novice and open, Fault and Out – combined novice and open. If Novice and Open classes are combined in the progamme, then points from the combined class will be counted.
(c) Harness in two sections. Competitors may only compete in one section.

1. Harness – Pleasure – novice and open, Cone Course – novice and open.

2. Longreining and Longreining Cone Course.

If Novice and Open classes are combined in the progamme, then points from the combined class will be counted.

15. These classes are made available in the show schedule at the affiliated club’s discretion and if they are available, points will be collected. No substitutions for these classes are permitted. E.g. A club cannot decide to include Harness Obstacle instead of Harness Cone Course, or Six Bar instead of Fault and Out

16. Horses are nominated prior to each show when entries are submitted so we know who to collect points from. If an affiliated club has not put in its team nomination form by the close of entries, it will be deemed that the club has not entered a team for the show. The entry form is available on the AIMHCNZ Inc website

17. If a nominated horse is unable to attend the show at the last minute, providing the show manager is notified at least one hour prior to the start of the performance classes and is satisfied that the situation was unavoidable and genuine; another horse that meets all of the eligibility criteria in these rules may be substituted. A note to this effect must be included with the show results so we know to count the points for this horse

18. If a horse attends the show and is unable to compete due to lameness or other illness, providing this is verified by the show manager at least one hour prior to the start of the performance classes a substitution may be made for a horse that meets all of the eligibility criteria stated in these rules. A note to this effect must be included with the show results so we know which horse’s points to count. Once a horse has commenced the competition on the day, no substitution can be made

19. If a substitution of a horse also includes the substitution of a handler, the handler must also meet all eligibility requirements

20. All substitutions will be investigated by the competition manager to ensure the horse or handler substituted meets all eligibility requirements

21. In the event that it is discovered that any horse or handler entered into the competition did not meet eligibility requirements, then the points for that show will be forfeit

22. Each club may enter one team per show, however this does not have to have the same team members at each show

23. Maximum number of horses on an affiliated club team is 9

24. Horses may be Category A, B or C, open or novice. Any mixture is permitted within a team. E.g. in Jumping a club may nominate 2 x cat A open and 1 x cat B novice. A club does not have to have one horse in Cat A, one in Cat B and one in Cat C

25. Horses may be nominated for more than one discipline – e.g one horse may represent the club in trail, jumping and harness, or trail and jumping or harness and trail etc and this will reduce the number of horses required for the team

26. Maximum horses competing for the club in each discipline is 3. Only the horses nominated for a discipline can compete for the club in that discipline. E.g. you can’t have 3 horses in hunter and a different 3 in jumping and a different 3 in fault and out. Nor can you have 2 harness horses and because you have one less harness horse include an extra jumping horse making 4 jumping horses

27. Points are 1st = 8, 2nd = 6, 3rd = 4 and 4th = 2

28. There is no points scaling

29. Championship and reserve championship points may be counted if there is a tie in the team totals at the end of the competition. In the event that no winner can be decided between two equal teams they will hold the trophy for six months each and share the prize money

30. Prizes a) Best club in Jumping, Trail and Harness – each have a trophy and $100 which are presented to the club. The second place getters receive $50 for their club. b) Best overall team - Wychwood Cup and $200 which is presented to the club. c) Best individual overall performance horse in the competition - trophy and $150 to the horse owner

31. Entry forms must be submitted to the person taking entries for the show by the closing date for entries. A copy must be sent to Jackie Krzyzewski either scan and email to jackie@verano.co.nz or posted to 71 Montana Road, RD5, Hastings 4175

32. Show results for shows included in the competition must be sent to Jackie Krzyzewski at Jackie@verano.co.nz within 30 days of the competition

33. The results will be published on the AIMHCNZ Inc website and a leader board may be provided to keep competitors updated

34. The competition manager is the competition sponsor

35. Although it is not mandatory for affiliated clubs to run a show at which the team competition is run, if the competition is not supported by enough affiliated clubs to make it worthwhile, the sponsor reserves the right to withdraw the competition

Note: The competition sponsor/manager reserves the right to tweak the rules so that the competition runs smoothly providing that this does not disadvantage anyone.